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Network Time Protocol Server

The need for a network of mechanisms to assure that network systems clocks are easily synchronizable was identified some time ago. A direct consequence is that accesses can be easily monitored and controlled when systems have minimum time differences.

At the Facultad de Informática we have set up two systems to do the job of network time servers: hora.fi.upm.es and hora2.fi.upm.es. These time servers are part of the pilot network promoted by RedIRIS with a view to deploying a nationwide Pilot Time Service.

Time servers are organized by strata ranging from Stratum 1 to Stratum 15.

The Facultad de Informática has a Stratum 1 server:  tictac.fi.upm.es. This server, together with the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía and the RedIRIS servers, are what constitute the national academic network's pilot Stratum 1 server network.

The Facultad de Informática servers are Stratum 2 servers. hora.fi.upm.es is the primary server, and hora2.fi.upm.es is the secondary server. If hora.fi.upm.es faults, hora2.fi.upm.es will step in.

Our Stratum 2 time servers are available for use by  the academic community and, particularly, for  UPM users. If you are interested in using this service, contact the Computer Centre.

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