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Study for a degree in computer engineering and tune into new technologies

The openings for professionals and managers in the informatics, computer science and engineering sectors are growing at a tremendous rate in Spain and in Europe. The solution to almost all society's major challenges, from disease and hunger eradication to the deployment of more direct democracy even, depends on computer systems.

The IT sector has been expanding for the last five years and salaries of holders of degrees in computer science & engineering are increasing all the time (UPM graduates usually earn upwards of 20,000 euros upon graduation and 30,000 four years after leaving university). Forecasts for IT-related disciplines suggest that the sector will require 90,000 computer engineers in the next few years. A sector with zero unemployment, 58% of students find work before they have completed their degree. With these prospects, now is a good time to start a degree in computer engineering.

Would you like to be party to the development of a new generation of midget multimedia reproducers, mobile telephones or even intelligent garments? Would you like to improve Web search technology to make it accessible for everyone? Do you like finding new and better ways of doing things with computers? If so, study for an engineering degree in computing.

If new technologies are your thing, enrol for a degree in computer science & engineering. You don't need to know anything about computers before you start, as the degree includes foundation courses designed to provide students with the grounding they need to successfully embark on their degree course.

The IT profession: a world of possibilities

Finding information on the Web

Internet and the Web have changed the way in which information is published and searched. They can be used to transact complex operations at a distance or create virtual communities linking millions of people. Most people use search engines like Google or Yahoo everyday. Yet these engines could be much better than they are now. What about searching for objects or people in images, sound recordings, or even film scenes? The Web is expanding constantly, and you could be the pioneer of forthcoming Internet applications. Tools like wikipedia are helping to set up a new organization of knowledge fed by the input of many people working towards a common goal. Search technologies and collaborative tools have a long way to go, and all this requires a lot of IT professionals.

Online music and film distribution

One day you will look back at what television used to be like when you had to make do with a scheduled programme. Internet and new technologies are the future of music, cinema and all audiovisual material. From ¡Tunes to YouTube, the commercial component of computer- and Web-based entertainment is growing at a tremendous pace. New forms of distribution and chances to make money are there for the entertainment industry's taking.

Mobile devices putting you in touch with the world

Using a mobile phone to just talk to someone else will soon be a thing of the past. Mobile phones are getting more and more like computers every day. They now offer a host of services that keep you in contact with your family, friends, customers, partners... in all sort of ways. It will not be long before you will be pushing a key on your mobile phone pad to buy tickets for the cup final your team finally qualified for or to see a concert by your favourite group, or you automatically pay for a bus ride by just getting on.

Medical informatics

Thanks to virtual reality systems, today's surgeons can learn how to do and practice complex operations under pressure. Large-scale medical image processing provides physicians with computer aids providing from a detailed view of obstructed arteries to a comparison of similar cases to adjust the treatment. All of this is a huge step forward for diagnostics and medicine.

Video games

Even though they are a plaything, there is some extremely powerful computer technology behind the major game platforms, Playstation 3, Wii or Xbox. The games are not just for children now, and the consoles are revolutionizing individual and group or family leisure. Cutting-edge computer technology is at the heart of these virtual reality platforms.

Study for a Degree in Computer Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Enrolling to study for a  degree in computer engineering will open up a world of possibilities for you, but you might ask

Why study for a degree in compu engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid?

Bachelor in Computer Engineering programme at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Facultad de Informática

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